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By: hsmacorp | February 02, 2016

Vietnamese Banh Gai Speciality
Vietnamese Banh Gai Speciality

If you ever travel to the Nothern provinces of Vietnam, such as Thanh Hoa, etc, you should definitely try this traditional sweet dish called “bánh gai”. It is made through a traditional method, which requires the utmost care and attention of a skilled chef.

Vietnamese Banh Gai Speciality
Vietnamese Banh Gai Speciality

The cake’s skin is mainly made with glutinous rice flour and “gai” leaf (green ramie) extract, which gives this dessert its distinct black color and a deeply aromatic fragrance. The chewy outer layer is then stuffed with a mixture of steamed mung bean paste, shredded coconut and pork fat, in order to bring out its exquisite flavor. Hand-wrapped “bánh gai” is a perfect gift to give in Vietnam.

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